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For many people who have grown up in a Christian church, and most people outside of Christianity, the local church can seem like an odd, outdated institution that is long past its shelf life. And, in some ways, the critiques are true: churches are filled with

why-bother-with-church-sam-allberry-book-reviewBut this does not change the fact that the local church is a key method of God changing lives and bringing about his Kingdom. This is the argument of Sam Allberry in his new book Why Bother With Church: And Other Questions about Why You Need it and Why it Needs You. Allberry, an associate pastor in the UK, writes this book to those who have grown disillusioned from years within the church. In this short book, he answers common questions about the nature and purpose of church, including Why do I need church?, What makes a good church?, and Can I view my small group as a church?

In the last few years, I’ve been every single one of these questions by friends, family, and congregation members. And while I was able to cobble together a passable answer, I was neither so articulate nor concise in my answers as Sam is in this book. With a pastoral tone, the author is able to provide a compelling case for why church matters in the 21st century, and how, despite her flaws, is still having a tangible impact in local communities.

Allberry does a fine job of explaining the importance of corporate worship, accountability, leadership, and discipleship — all components of a healthy local church — to the spiritual formation of every Christian. He also spends time describing the role every Christian should play in his or her local church, including attending, involvement in, praying for, serving, giving to, and submitting to the local church.

Why Bother With Church? by Sam Allberry is a handy little book that provides a simple yet compelling defense of the local church. I think it would be a helpful gift to young adults who are disillusioned with the church they grew up with, giving them several reasons to stick with it.

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