theology as worship

Theology as Worship

theology as worshipI have been a student of the Bible for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories of church include me reading the text during a sermon, or hearing a teacher explain an Old Testament narrative in Sunday School.

Later, I pursued and earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the Bible. During this time, I immersed myself in theology, trying to absorb and understand every minute detail. Much of this was due to course assignments; but I did learn to love theology.

The main reason I learned to love theology is because of one simple truth: what we believe shapes our worship. How we view God shapes how we worship him. So our theology out to fuel our worship of God; it should draw us closer to him. Theology leads to doxology.

In church history, the Latin phrase lex orandi lex credendi reflects this relationship between theology and worship. I’m no Latin expert, but I did find one (loose) translation that I liked: “as we worship, we believe.”

This is the view of theology that initially drew me to the field, and continues to motivate me to this day. Theology that drives worship is not stuffy, verbose, and stale; it is the life-altering study of who God is and how he works in history. Theology should not drive us to debate, but to our knees in worship. And when we study theology—just like when we study the Bible—our aim is not to gain knowledge, but to fall more in love with Christ, grateful for his mercy and grace.

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