Divided kingdom

The Story: Week 16

Note: At North Baptist Church we are currently on a 31 week journey through the entire Bible. Called The Story, this journey finds us discussing the same Bible passage in our personal reading time, the sermon, Adult Bible Fellowships, and Small Groups. I figured I would post a few thoughts each week as I go through my lesson prep.

Divided kingdomIn week 16 of The Story the focus is on the end of the Northern Kingdom. Since the days of Jeroboam, Israel has been ruled by a succession of evil and idolatrous kings. Most notorious of these kings is Ahab, whose encounters with Elijah we looked at in Week 15.

As the Northern Kingdom continues to have instability in their leadership (with 10 dynasty changes in their history), the Southern Kingdom is still being led by a descendant of David. While many of these Davidic kings are no better than the kings in the North, God is still blessing the Southern Kingdom on behalf of his promise to David (2 Samuel 7).

In the 8th century BC the Northern Kingdom experienced attacks from Assyria, a powerful nation from Mesopotamia. The kingdom paid tribute to these foreign invaders for a while, but eventually sought to break that tie, which would be met with disastrous consequences. In 722 BC Assyria conquered Israel and deported the people, scattering them throughout the empire. The author of 2 Kings explains why this has happened, saying it is because of Israel’s sins against God (2 Kings 17)

After their conquest of Israel, Assyria turned their focus to the south and to Judah. But, as we will see in Sunday’s ABF discussion, the Lord and the Davidic king Hezekiah would try to stop Assyria’s invading army.

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