The Story: Week 24

Note: At North Baptist Church we are currently on a 31 week journey through the entire Bible. Called The Story, this journey finds us discussing the same Bible passage in our personal reading time, the sermon, Adult Bible Fellowships, and Small Groups. I figured I would post a few thoughts each week as I go through my lesson prep.

sermon on the mount iconWhen I was younger and enjoying flannelgraph lessons about Jesus healing people, I wondered why Jesus stayed on earth. I mean, I knew that he came to die for me, and he had to resurrect from the dead, but why come early? Why go through ~3 years of ministry before the cross? Was it just to provide something for the Gospel writers to write about—and something for the flannelgraph-wielding teachers to talk about?

Since then, I’ve discovered there are a few reasons for Jesus’ ministry; one of the reasons—and most relevant to this week in The Story—can be seen in Matthew 4:23

Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people.

Jesus’ ministry was marked by two actions: 1. his proclamation of the kingdom of heaven, and 2. his healing of the masses. Both his teaching and his signs & wonders were done to point the people to the coming kingdom, one where God would rule and reign as king. Jesus served as prophet (displaying signs & wonders) and priest (instructing the people how to live).

As we will look this Sunday during the morning service, both these roles are vital to Jesus’ ministry. We cannot separate his miracles from his teachings; they are two sides to the same coin, making Jesus anything but an ordinary man.

Join us this Sunday at North Baptist Church for Week 24 of The Story. At 9am I will be preaching on the Sermon on the Mount and Jesus’ signs & wonders (Matthew 5–9); at 10:30am, during our Adult Bible Fellowship, we will discuss more of Jesus’ miracles.

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