Stories Worth Sharing — February 14, 2015

The Cultural History of Funeral Trains

Whether Lenin or FDR, the 20th century saw many of its leaders taking the train to the end of their line, giving a stretch of their countries a final chance to pay their respects with a wave of the hand or doffing of the hat.

India’s Toilet Race fails if they aren’t used

India accounts for about 60 percent of the world’s residents without toilets, according to a report released in May by the World Health Organization and Unicef.

Ricky Henderson’s un-cashed $1 million check

In 1990, Rickey Henderson signed a five year, $8.5 million contract with the A’s, which included a $1 million signing bonus.  About a year later, the A’s were trying to balance their books, and kept coming up $1 million short.

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