Stories Worth Sharing — February 7, 2015

The logistical nightmare of getting out of Afghanistan

Spin the globe, and you could not have found a more difficult place to leave. They don’t call Afghanistan the “graveyard of empires” for nothing. Many outsiders before us, including the Soviets as well as the British, have found it deceptively easy to enter and almost impossible to leave.

A WWII U-boat at the bottom of a Canadian lake?

Many from Labrador maintain that the recently discovered object is a Nazi sub that according to local folklore slipped into the inlet during the early 1940s and was somehow lost.

5 Man-made things you can see from space (and one you can’t)

Our whole planet looks like nothing more than a dinky blue splotch from Mars’ surface. Still, astronauts traveling in Low Earth Orbit or onboard the International Space Station can see quite a bit using nothing by their naked eyes.

What I Wish I Hadn’t Learned in Sunday School

We have perhaps trained up a generation to know Jesus as a correct answer, instead of an actual person.

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