Stories Worth Sharing — December 19, 2014

The drama of moving a small Alaskan village

Looking at the long-term reality facing the island, Shishmaref’s residents voted to pack up and move the town elsewhere. Twelve years later, they’re still here.

Andrew Luck compliments those who sack him

The Indianapolis Colts quarterback is mild-mannered and often complimentary, which aimed at someone trying to knock your head off, can be quite disarming — and effective.

The crazy adventure of a Christmas tree

Your tree has a complicated backstory, one that includes daredevil helicopter pilots, 18-hour days battling Oregon sleet and, of course, the fickle hibernation habits of squirrels.

How to use the back of a napkin to prove to a Jehovah’s Witness that Jesus is God

This technique is so simple you should be able to sketch it out on a napkin from memory the next time someone knocks on your door. Remember, you don’t have to master every counter-argument to every verse thrown at you. All you need is one unequivocal textual proof to make your case. Here it is. It comes from the Gospel of John.

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