Stories Worth Sharing

Stories Worth Sharing — April 18, 2015

Stories Worth SharingMillions in WWII silver recovered from shipwreck

The sinking was the stuff of legend. The City of Cairo was bringing silver rupees from India to England as part of the war effort. After a stop in Brazil, two torpedos sank the ship in the Atlantic.

After the ship went under, the U-boat reportedly surfaced and the captain said to the survivors in lifeboats: “Goodnight, sorry for sinking you.”

Rembrandt is in the wind

…the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist of 1990, during which two thieves made off with thirteen irreplaceable works of art from Rembrandt, Vermeer, Degas, Manet, and others. It was the largest single property theft in American history, worth an estimated $500,000,000. The stolen art has not been seen since.

Can we read and understand the Bible if we aren’t experts?

Within it pages we find lots of different kinds of literature: poetry, prophecy, history, narrative, letters and apocalyptic writings. It’s hardcore. Understanding it correctly is not easy but it is certainly not impossible.

What are we after? Jesus or the Good Ol’ Days?

If we want Christ to move and be glorified in 2015, we should be prepared and ready for it to look differently than it would in 1955, 1755, and 1555. You can look to the past to see that God is at work, but not to see exactly how He will work today.

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