Stories Worth Sharing — April 11, 2015

Stories Worth SharingInside America’s toughest prison

In the past, Hood has memorably described the ADX as “a clean version of hell.”

Behind The Redesign Of The THX Deep Note

He imagined a sound that told an almost Biblical story about the creation of order from chaos, all in a single note.

A periodic table of the elements the world is running out of

In other words, in our daily lives, we rely on many metals that are either uncommon, environmentally damaging, or located almost solely in places like China, Bolivia, or the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo (i.e., not nations the U.S. is always on good terms with). What’s the risk that one day we won’t be able to depend on any of these elements?

Lecrae songs play in Louisville strip club

“The lyrics that [Lecrae] is writing are very tangible for [dancers] to grasp,” Starr said. “It’s a lot of what they’ve been through. It’s a lot of what they seek. It’s very relatable. … And he presents the gospel very well through his music.”

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