Stories Worth Sharing — March 14, 2015

Stories Worth SharingThe Crooked Forest of Poland

In a tiny corner in Northwest Poland, near Gryfino, a forest of about 400 pine trees which grow with a 90-degree bend at the base of their trunks before rising vertically again.

Nazis Planned to Blow Up Horseshoe Curve in PA

As America entered World War II, the historic Horseshoe Curve became the target of Operation Pastorius, a Nazi plan to blow up a number of targets to cripple key points in the US infrastructure.

What Happens When Queen Elizabeth Dies?

For at least 12 days — between her passing, the funeral and beyond — Britain will grind to a halt. It’ll cost the British economy billions in lost earnings.

Reading the Bible Narcissistically

We often read the Bible as if it were fundamentally about us: our improvement, our life, our triumph, our victory, our faith, our holiness, our marriages, our money, our children. And it does talk about those things. But is the Bible fundamentally about us?

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