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stageA few weeks ago, I made a few subtle changes to this website. These included a name change (A Greater Story), a new web address (www.liveagreaterstory.com), and a few tweaks to some posts. Coming soon will be some more changes and a new focus, but first I wanted to give a reason for all this.

Discovering the Greater Story

Growing up in a church-going family, I learned many of the Bible stories at an early age. I remember a cassette recording of Elijah on Mount Carmel (still one of my favorite OT narratives), which I wore out listening to every night as I fell asleep. I loved these stories!

But I never saw how these stories affected my story, the story I was living.

Sure, there were Sunday School teachers who tried putting us in the story, saying “Just like how David defeated his giant, you too can defeat the giants in your life.” But now I cringe at that statement, and how self-centered it is and how it fails to see the bigger picture: this is God’s story.

Later in my life, thanks to some professors, mentors, and helpful books, I learned to see that the Bible is not the story of Adam, Moses, and David. Sure, they play important roles in the story, but they are supporting characters. Instead, the entire Bible is telling the story of God—how the Author of history cares for, protects, and leads his people in that history. This is a story in which the playwright steps onto the stage as the leading character.

What was a real turning point for me was when I realized this story doesn’t end with the Biblewe are still living God’s story today. The same God whom David praised, saved Daniel from lions, and freed Paul from jail, this is the same God we worship. And the stage directions for us remains the same: proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

Live A Greater Story

Sadly, there are some attending churches today who don’t view their lives as part of God’s greater story. Instead, they are living out their own story, which happens to intersect the Christian story on Sundays and certain holidays. And for those that reject Christianity—along with all other religions—well they are trying to live out their own story on their own.

My new goal with this blog is to show readers a glimpse of God’s greater story, as well as what roles we might be called to play. I will continue posts on how the Bible—especially the Old Testament—shows us God’s greater story. I will also continue sharing quotes that highlight this greater story. Additionally, I will be adding some posts on church history, showing how our brothers and sisters in Christ have played their parts over the last 2,000 years. Further, I will share some of the books that have helped me find my place in this greater story.

Thanks for reading this blog, and I hope you join me as we seek to live out a greater story in the 21st-century.

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