Monday Update #87 – November 3, 2014

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What I Enjoyed This Past Week

Radio Appearance! Last week was Reformation Day, which commemorates the anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 theses. In light of this, I wrote a brief blog post highlighting the impact Luther’s 95 theses has had on the Christian story.

Turns out that a radio host from Pittsburgh found my article on Twitter. We connected and he invited me on his radio program that afternoon to talk more about Luther! Here’s the audio from the show; my interview starts at the 14 minute mark.

What I’m Reading (Books)

I am currently reading:

What I’m Reading (Articles)



  • Lecrae: Christians Have Prostituted Art to Give Answers

    His music troubles the stereotypes of both Christian music and mainstream rap—it doesn’t really feel wholesome or sanctified, but it’s also filled with self-deprecation and explicit warnings about immoral behavior.


  • Sound Waves May Help Tissue Regeneration

    Researchers have developed a way to use sound to create cellular scaffolding for tissue engineering, a unique approach that could help overcome one of regenerative medicine’s significant obstacles.

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