Monday Update #57 – March 24, 2014

Note: Every Monday I will be posting about what I have been reading, listening, writing, and doing in my life. Hopefully it gives a little insight into my life. Enjoy!

What I Enjoyed This Week

Speaking at Youth Seminar! A local church invited me to lead a workshop at their denomination’s Youth Seminar over the weekend. It was a fun time to meet students and youth leaders from around New York. The conference theme was on friendship, and my workshop centered on the act of serving in friendship. Highlights from seminar include Band of Brothers, a few shout outs to Aristotle, and an impromptu selfie.

What I’m Reading (Books)

I am currently reading:

I finished Truth Matters: Confident Faith in a Confusing World by a trio of authors: Andreas Kostenberger, Darrell Bock, and Josh Chatraw. This is a timely and much-needed book to help college students stay confident in the truth claims of Christianity, even in the face of objections. Look for a more thorough review later this week.

What I’m Reading (Articles)

  • An Atheist’s Dilemma

    I came to Harvard seeking Veritas. Instead, he found me.

  • The Decade-Long Journey of Flat Stanley in a Soldier’s Wallet

    “You will undoubtedly face hard times. You will experience lows and uncertainty. But, whenever you feel despair or emptiness setting in, remember a saying I learned in the Army — ‘If you ever get to the point where it’s hopeless and nothing more can be done, you’ve overlooked something.’”

  • History of the YouVersion Bible App

    The Bible App represents a new era in the history of the church. The digital revolution is an entirely new phenomenon and it is changing everything. Most importantly, it is changing the way people read and experience God’s Word. Our survey of church history has shown that for most of the history of Christianity, access to God’s Word has been scarce. Historically, the Bible has been both rare and expensive. But in a digital world, the Bible can be infinitely duplicated and distributed with no cost at all.

  • How Astronauts Survive Diplomatic Tensions in Space

    Howard McCurdy, an expert on space policy at American University, said it was not all marital bliss at the ISS. “It is like a divorced couple trying to live in the same house,” he said. “You can do it, it is just not very easy. They both own the house. They both operate the house.”

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