Monday Update #35 – October 14, 2013

Note: Every Monday I will be posting about what I have been reading, listening, writing, and doing in my life. Hopefully it gives a little insight into my life. Enjoy!

What I’m Looking Forward to This Week

Ithaca Book Sale! Two times a year the Tompkins County Library holds a massive used book sale. Did I say massive?!? Megan and I will be heading up there today: she will head to the children’s book section to restock her classroom shelves, I will head to the theology section, and we will meet up again in the history section. To top off the shopping spree we will hit up Moe’s for lunch!

What I’m Reading (Books)

I am currently reading:

Unfortunately I didn’t finish a book this week. However, I did complete a book review of Dismissing Jesus.

What I’m Reading (Articles)

  • 6-year-old Writes to Navy SEALS about Ninjas

    The folks at Blue Star Families, a support organization for military families, tell the story of Walker Greentree, a young man who recently wanted to find out who’s quieter, Ninjas or SEALs…

  • The Mysterious and Alarming Rise of Single Parenthood in America

    In other words, the biggest story here isn’t the rise of female earners, exactly, even though that’s a distinct and powerful trend. This is really a story about a more astonishing fact: Single parents have more than tripled as a share of American households since 1960.

  • 15 Biblical Teachings that are Presently Hip to Hate

    There is absolute truth about God that is knowable and, in fact, known to all. Certainty about who he is and what is owed to him is not only possible, we have no excuse for the lack of it.

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