Monday Update #32 – September 23, 2013

Note: Every Monday I will be posting about what I have been reading, listening, writing, and doing in my life. Hopefully it gives a little insight into my life. Enjoy!

What I Enjoyed This Past Week

Northside Block Party! This past week we hosted the Northside Block Party for our neighborhood. It was a beautiful evening, and plenty of families from our neighborhood came out. We even got some coverage in the newspaper! My prayer is that God will continue to use the relationships started that night to further His Kingdom on the Northside of Corning.

What I’m Reading (Books)

I am currently reading:

I finished Jesus on Every Page by David Murray. This is a GREAT book on finding Jesus and the Gospel in the Old Testament. Look for a longer review later this week.

What I’m Reading (Articles)

  • A perspective calling forth unqualified obedience, quoting from D.A. Carson

    Christians must avoid identifying the goals of the kingdom of God with political, economic, or social goals; or, more accurately, such identification must never be exclusive. Just as the kingdom of Jesus Christ is not of this world (18:36), so also is it not restricted to this world. Our ultimate goal is not the transformation of society, as valuable as that may be. Our ultimate goal is pure worship in the unrestricted presence of God.

  • Churches Should Change Carefully

    But as someone who left the mainstream church and eventually returned, I’d like to offer a word of advice to those who are so inclined: Don’t. Or at least proceed with caution. Change carefully; change wisely, with thoughtfulness and deliberation. What young people say we want in our 20s is not necessarily what we want 10 years later.

  • When the US Almost Nuked Itself

    On January 23rd, 1961, the United States almost nuked itself by accident. On that day, according to a recently unclassified document obtained by The Guardian, the US Air Force mistakenly dropped a pair of hydrogen bombs over Goldsboro, North Carolina.

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