Monday Update #29 – September 2, 2013

Note: Every Monday I will be posting about what I have been reading, listening, writing, and doing in my life. Hopefully it gives a little insight into my life. Enjoy!

What I’m Looking Forward To

Football Season! – This weeks starts the NFL regular season! Let that sink in: from now until January there will be NFL games every single weekend! With all due apologies to my southern friends—as well as the folks up here in Western New York who bleed Orange—I have never really gotten into college football. So the NFL is where it is at.

As an Eagles fan, I hope that Chip Kelly can bring his fast-paced offense to the professional level this year. But, as an Eagles fan I am also prepared to be let down by the team!

What I’m Reading (Books)

I am currently reading:

I finished reading Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Faith in Community by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. This short book is packed with a rich description of the Christian community. Having never read this book before, I was underlining and writing in the margins of almost every page. This is a must-read for Christian leaders and pastors, and is a book I will read often. I will also have to read Metaxas’ bio on Bonhoeffer sooner rather than later.

What I’m Reading (Articles)

  • The Cul-de-sac of Stupidity by Matt Chandler

    You and I prefer the creation to the Creator, sending us into a cycle of pointless pursuit of things that can’t possibly satisfy us. Alienation begins when we buy into a lie: having more of what already does not satisfy us is somehow going to bring us joy and happiness. When you believe that lie, you’ve entered the cul-de-sac of stupidity. “I have this, and it doesn’t work. More of what doesn’t work might work.”

  • C.S. Lewis’s Seven Key Ideas

    I have heard it said that many well-known thinkers have only two or three key ideas that they develop from various angles throughout their lives. It might be asked: What are C.S. Lewis’s key ideas? I have chosen seven to summarize in this essay.

  • MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech is Copyrighted

    His speech “I have a Dream” is considered one of the most important cultural and historical moments of the 20th Century, yet is in incredibly difficult to find, listen to, or watch in its entirety when King addressed several hundred thousand people before the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. The speech, which won’t be in the public domain until 2038, can only be used if a commercial entity pays the King estate a hefty fee.

What I’m Watching

Funny commercial for Madden 25 featuring Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson:

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