How Does It End?

choose your own adventureBack in my elementary school days, I remember reading—and loving—the Choose Your Own Adventure books. For those not familiar, this was a book with an evolving storyline, entirely shaped by the reader. You would read a page of a story, then get to the bottom and choose between several options. Each option lead to a different page in the book, thus changing the storyline.

What made this type of book so great was the endings. Sometimes you would get a few pages into the story, only to discover you chose the wrong path and your character died. Then you would have to go back to the beginning, hoping to choose better this next time and make it to the end.

Endings of books are important. They conclude the story, tying up loose ends. Hopefully, the ending of a is satisfying, leaving you with a big smile of content as you close the book.

This Sunday at church we will look at the ending of the book of Psalms. By looking at the very last psalm (Psalm 150), we will hopefully be able to summarize the entire book of Psalms in 3 words or less! Be sure to join us at North Baptist Church this Sunday at 9am.

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