God Dwells in a Tent

God Dwells in a TentThis past Sunday I preached on the Tabernacle and the presence of God. Several of you came up afterwards appreciative of the imagery of the Tabernacle as a normal Israelite home.

I wanted to share a quote from Vern Poythress’ book The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses. This book is not only where I got this concept from, but also was a tremendous asset in seeing Jesus in many aspects of the Tabernacle.

A tent means very little to us, but Israelites knew all about tents because they were living in tents themselves. Then God told them to make a tent for Him, a tent where God Himself would dwell and meet with them (Exodus 25:8, 22). His tent had rooms and a yard and a fireplace like their own. Yet it was also unlike their own. It was majestic, covered with gold and blue. It was beautiful, because of the symmetry of its dimensions and the artistry of its construction. Do you see?

God was saying that He was majestic and beautiful. But He would not simply remain in heaven and let Israel go its way. He would come right down among them. They were living in tents. He too would be in a tent, side by side with their own tents. (Poythress, The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses, 11-12).

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