Five Must-Have Free iPad Apps for Youth Ministry

iPadThe iPad is a remarkable device. Larger than an iPhone, the iPad has become a great 3rd device, accomplishing things that an iPhone and a desktop Mac could only dream of. Developers have utilized this larger screen to make some great free apps for youth workers to use in ministry. Here are 5 of the must-have free iPad apps for youth ministry:

Flipboard iPad iconFlipboard – Flipboard is a social magazine for your iPad. Containing RSS feeds from some of the best online sources of content, Flipboard allows you to design your own magazine. There are dozens of channels dedicated to sports, news, technology, photography, culture, etc. Many of these channels are designed to work with Flipboard, and include Twitter sharing and Instapaper integration. What’s also great is you can add your own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Reader accounts. Flipboard has become my primary method of reading the news.

Logos Bible app iconLogos Bible Software – I am a big fan of Logos and their Bible study software. Logos 4 is the first program open daily on the Mac in my office. With the Logos iPad app, I can access most of my Bibles, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and other study resources from anywhere. On the iPad, I can open up a commentary and Bible side by side with no problem. Since my iPad is wifi only, I rely heavily on the download feature; I make sure to download the resources I will be reading before I head to the coffeeshop. With a quick highlight, I can perform a Bible word study on any word. Moreover, a recent update to both Logos 4 desktop software and the iOS app, all of my highlights and notes are synced. Having this app on my iPad has changed how and where I study and do sermon prep.

Facebook app iconFacebook – Just like the iPhone version, the iPad Facebook app is a great way to stay connected with students on Facebook on the go. The iPad version feels a bit more like the web version of Facebook, in a good way. Plus, it is great at browsing a photo album. I find myself using the iPad Facebook app more than I do the web version.

Dropbox iPad iconDropbox – Dropbox is where I keep all of my files. Lesson plans, Keynote presentations, PDFs, ministry budgets, and event photos get placed in Dropbox, which then is synced between my iPad, iPhone, and desktop. I can then access all the files from anywhere – including any computer with web access – which means I don’t need a flashdrive anymore. If you are not yet a Dropbox member, here’s how you can become one.

HootSuite iPad iconHootSuite – HootSuite is a great way to access your Twitter and Facebook feeds. I admit, I underutilize HootSuite since I don’t use it to access Twitter or Facebook. However, I do use this app for one key thing: scheduling posts. With HootSuite, you can write out a Facebook post and then schedule it to publish to your accounts (including youth group Facebook Page) whenever you want. At the beginning of each week, I schedule a series of posts for the entire week. Often they are teasing the next Sunday’s lesson, while other times they are promoting an upcoming event. With this app, I can schedule the posts to drop at an optimal time. While I really like Buffer web app, I only use that to update my personal Twitter feed, and I use HootSuite to schedule my Facebook posts.

Honorable Mentions

Evernote App iconEvernote – I love Evernote. It is my digital filing cabinet, where I keep records of everything, store ideas for upcoming lesson series, and retain creative ideas for advertising, etc. The Evernote iPad app provides a beautiful experience to create and recall all your Evernote notes. I don’t use the iPad app as much as I do the desktop client, mainly because I am more comfortable with the desktop one.

wunderlist app iconWunderlist HD – Wunderlist HD┬áis a great to-do list app by 6Wunderkinder. Like the iPhone version, this free iPad version is not as feature-rich as some of the paid apps, but it looks great, syncs wonderfully with the desktop and other devices, and allows for iOS notifications.

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