On Church Self-Identity: An Introduction

hello-my-name-isOver the last ten years, I have served in a variety of church ministry situations: from the small to large, reformed to mainline, and healthy to unhealthy. From these experiences, I noticed that church members hold to a wide variety of expectations and views of the church—often even within the same church!

Many people view church differently.

They view the church in light of their own expectations; they give the church an unhealthy, unbiblical identity. Their view of the church affects their involvement in the church: what ministries they serve in, how they interact with others, and even how often they attend on Sunday mornings.

Churches can even exhibit an unhealthy, unbiblical self-identity. The source can be leadership, members, or even the culture and tradition of the church, shaped over generations. A false self-identity creates tension, conflict, and disunity. It is a detriment to the Gospel message, as the church is pulled away from the ministry to serve this false self-identity.

Over the next few weeks I want to look further into some of these false identities, which are listed below.Come back each Wednesday as I discuss each of these identities, seeing how they hurt the unity of the Body, and provide an alternative identity for each.

Series on False Church Self-Identity:


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