Big Changes for the Schmidt Family

I have been silent for the past few weeks on social media and this blog, and for good reason. We’ve been working on some pretty big, life-altering news, and now it’s become official and public: we are moving to Lancaster in October!

Since moving to Corning in 2010, we have made the long trek down I-99 and Route 15 to Lancaster about a dozen times a year. Mostly this is to see family, but we have always loved Lancaster county and we’ve always said that one day we would want to move there. With Norah about to turn one next month, we want her (and us) to be closer to family; so that “one day” wish to move to Lancaster is becoming a reality.

ydopWhen we move, I’ll be joining the team at YDOP, an internet marketing company right in downtown Lancaster. I’ll be writing content for clients, meaning I’ll get paid to research and write—a dream come true! I’ve enjoyed getting to know the fun team at YDOP this past month, and I’m looking forward to being down there full-time.

We will miss all the friends we’ve made here in Corning the past five years, friends at North Baptist Church, Corning Christian Academy, and in the community; but we are grateful that we live in an era where friendships can stay strong through FaceTime and Facebook.

If you think of it, pray for us during this transition time. We are still working out the housing situation, bank accounts, and the hundred other little changes that have to happen in the next month. I’m sure we will be reaching out to all of you for cardboard boxes and your muscles to lift those cardboard boxes.


Brandon Schmidt

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