Amazon Music Unlimited: A Review

For the last few years, my wife and I have become dependent on Amazon and their amazing Prime service. In case you haven’t hear of Prime yet, it’s a pretty simple premise: for $79 a year, you get free 2 day shipping on any order from That in itself is well worth the price of admission; in fact, we now consider it as important as a utility bill.

Over time, Amazon has added some impressive perks to their Prime Membership to get more people to sign up. Some are brilliant (like Daniel Tiger on Prime Videos) while others are duds (ahem Prime Day). For me, I view them as the icing on the top for the core value of Prime: fast, free shipping.

Last month, Amazon added another service to their Prime offerings: Prime Music Unlimited.

The Landscape of Music Streaming Services in 2016

As a content writer for an internet marketing company in Lancaster, I spend almost 8 hours a day with music piping through my ears. So music is important. And since I can get easily distracted when I’m in the writing groove, I hate ads.

I have tried many of the free and paid music streaming services out there: Spotify Premium, Rdio (RIP), Pandora, and Apple Music. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, with Spotify clearly the best of the bunch. But the price for the service ($10 a month) was just a tad bit too high for my tastes (and budget). So when I got an email last month from Amazon introducing their music service, I was intrigued.

About Amazon Music Unlimited

Like the services mentioned above, Amazon Music Unlimited allows you to stream millions of songs from most artists. With apps on all my devices (iOS, Windows, and web app, though I haven’t tried it on Roku yet), and offline listening, it allows me to listen to my favorite albums and artists when I’m at work, driving, or in the workshop.

Two differentiating features of Amazon Music Unlimited: Alexa support and the price. If you have an Alexa-compatable device, like an Echo or Dot, your Music account works seamlessly with your devices. And if you only want to play music through a single device, a subscription only costs $4 per month.

Cost is the other way Amazon sets its service apart from the rest. If you are a Prime Member, a subscription only costs $7.99 month or $79 per year. So for as little as $6.58 per month, you can enjoy millions of songs anywhere you are.

Amazon Music Unlimited: Well Worth The Price

While it doesn’t come with some features found on Spotify (like Discover Weekly), the lower price of Amazon’s music service is great for anyone looking for a more-affordable music streaming service. Over the last month, I haven’t found any music that I’ve wanted to play that is not on the service. And I’ve found the different apps easy to use.

If you’d like to try out Amazon Music Unlimited service for yourself, Amazon gives you a 30-day trial of the service for free.

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