A Greater Story

Why A Greater Story?

People love telling stories. Hilarious experiences, horrifying events, and even the mundane tasks of life; these all make up the stories of our days, months, and years. And our lives make up a greater story—the story of the cosmos.

For millennia, mankind has told stories to explain the greater story we find ourselves in. Some are fanciful, while others are deadly serious; all seek to give purpose and meaning in our everyday lives.

The Christian worldview—like other religions and worldviews throughout human history—claims to have a greater story, with an Author who gives purpose and meaning to all. The uniqueness of Christianity is that the Author doesn’t stay behind the scenes; He enters the play as the focal point of the entire story. The Author becomes the Great Actor, and his scenes are the climax of the entire play.

And our role in all this? We play a supporting role to the Author, helping others see where the spotlight surely needs to be focused.

This is how we live out A Greater Story.

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About the Author

My name is Brandon Schmidt. After 10 years in vocational ministry, I am now a writer and marketer living in Lititz, PA with my wife Megan, our daughter Norah, son Micah, and a Goldendoodle named Rollins.

I’ve always been a student of the Bible, and have earned both a bachelor’s & master’s degrees in the Bible from Cairn University. I love helping others see the storyline of the Bible as well as finding their role in this great story.


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