Peter Leithart on Missing the Storyline of the Bible

Peter Leithart reminisces back to children's Sunday School, and how telling the stories of the Old Testament can neglect the storyline of the Bible.
Category: Old Testament

Stories Worth Sharing — February 28, 2015

How Oregon's 2nd-largest city vanished / Philadelphia and the 200-year history of the American Bible Society / A professor's journey from Scientology to Christ / 3 reasons we must not forget the Psalms
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Leland Ryken on the Hero Story in the Bible

Leland Ryken has done all students of the Bible a great service in writing about literary forms in the Bible. Here is what he has to say about the Hero Story found in the Bible.
Category: Old Testament

Foreshadowing Jesus in the Person of Moses

The Old Testament is rich with characters, images, and allusions that all point to Jesus. Here's how Moses foreshadows Jesus.
Category: Old Testament

Stories Worth Sharing — February 21, 2015

NASA's planning to send a submarine to Saturn's moon / Why Samsung's design stinks / The effects of public internet shaming / Why are Christian movies so painfully bad?
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More than Conquerers

Christ's love is stronger than the blade of ISIS
Category: Culture

Stories Worth Sharing — February 14, 2015

Cultural history of funeral trains / India's toilet race fails if they aren't used / Ricky Henderson's un-cashed $1 million check
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How Jesus Completes the Old Testament

The story of Exodus is incomplete without the rest of the Old Testament. Here's how Exodus fits within the storyline of the Old Testament.
Category: Old Testament

Selective History in the Book of Judges

All history is selective, including the Old Testament historical books. Here's how the book of Judges is selective in its history.
Category: Old Testament

Stories Worth Sharing — February 7, 2015

The logistical nightmare of getting out of Afghanistan / A WWII U-boat at the bottom of a Canadian lake? / 5 man-made objects you can see from space (and it's not the Great Wall!) / What I wish I hadn't learned in Sunday School
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