Big Changes for the Schmidt Family

I have been silent for the past few weeks on social media and this blog, and for good reason. We’ve been working on some pretty big, life-altering news, and now it’s become official and public: we are moving to Lancaster in October!
Category: Personal

The Power of Story from Back to the Future

The Back to the Future trilogy is one of the most-beloved franchises in the movie industry. It didn't get there with great actors or flashy special effects; it got there with a powerful story.
Category: Culture

Why Read the Old Testament?

In the NIV Zondervan Study Bible, the introduction to the Bible gives a compelling reason for why you should read the Old Testament.
Category: Old Testament

Theology of Space in Jonah

In the Old Testament book of Jonah, the author communicates theology through the way Jonah travels. Here's how Jonah's movement speak about God.
Category: Old Testament

How A Baseball Game Is Like A Church

Attending a baseball game can stir up similar emotions found within those that are part of a church: a sense of wonder, community, and tradition. Here's how they are found in a baseball game.
Category: Culture

How Harry Potter Helps Illustrate Biblical Theology

In this video, Andy Naselli shows how reading Harry Potter several times helped him better understand the benefits of biblical theology.
Category: Storyline of the Bible

On Literally Interpreting the Words of Jesus

Not all parts of the Bible are meant to be read literally. Here's how we must interpret some statements of Jesus figuratively.
Category: Religion

On Self and Finding Perspective

The concept of self can be good or bad, but needs to be accompanied by a healthy dose of perspective.
Category: Culture

The Power of Story

A story is a powerful thing. It can bring us to tears, have us cheer with joy, and move us to do mighty things. Pixar is dedicated to telling the best stories. And with their latest movie, Inside Out, they remain true to that passion.
Category: Reflection

The Failure of Sons in the Book of Samuel

Family lineage does not fare well in the book of Samuel. Sons fail to live up to the reputation and faithfulness of their fathers. In the book of Samuel, we see several times in which the nation cannot put her trust in these sons.
Category: Old Testament