Bookends of the Bible

The bookends of the biblical story highlight the unity and purpose of the biblical story: to redeem and restore what was ruined.
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One Simple Concept that Changed How I Read the Bible

A few years ago I learned a simple yet profound concept that has changed how I read the Bible and view my life and my relationship with God. This is that concept.
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Stories Worth Sharing – January 24, 2015

Massive photo of the Andromeda galaxy / Revitalization at the Brooklyn Navy Yard / Celebrate MIThenge / Learning from the 10 most influential churches in the last 100 years
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On the Church as a Refuge

The church is to become "an actual place of refuge and freedom. It is supposed to be a move from an unjust and uncaring domain into a kingdom of support, justice, and friends."
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22 Steps You Can Take Now to Improve Your Bible Reading for the Rest of Your Life

The discipline of reading the Bible is also a skill that you can develop over time. If you are a new or young believer in Christ, the habits and skills you pick up now will benefit your Bible reading for years to come.
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Stories Worth Sharing – January 17, 2015

Before Google there was the New York Public Library / Winchester rifle leans against tree for 132 years / The Town without WIFI / Refuting Dan Brown, Newsweek, and the question of canon
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N.T. Wright on the Storyline of the Bible

The Old Testament is "a story in search of an ending." It leaves us hanging, wanting more.
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How the Conversion of Charles Spurgeon Shapes the Christian Story

Charles Spurgeon is one of the most influential pastors in church history, as well as one of the most popular and prolific preachers of the 19th century. Yet all this would be impossible had it not been for Spurgeon’s conversion in 1850, at the age of 15.
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Stories Worth Sharing – January 10, 2015

The year in cinematically-pimped religion / Donald Whitney on Bible intake / Is this were Jesus was put on trial? / Training pastors in science
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The Importance of Story from Shark Tank

Here's what I learned about telling stories after I watched a farmer cry on Shark Tank.
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