Two Brief Summaries of 2,000 Years of Church History

There is a wealth of information in studying church history. Two prominent church historians have provided a concise yet thorough summary of church history.
Category: Church History

The Failures of Dan and the Grandson of Moses

At the end of the book of Judges, we see the failures of an entire tribe, as well as the failure of the grandson of Moses.
Category: Old Testament

How George Whitefield’s Preaching Shapes the Christian Story

George Whitefield is one of the greatest evangelists in church history. Here's how his preaching continues to shape the Christian story.
Category: Church History

My Reflection on Pastors and Science Conference

This past week I attended a conference on Pastors and Science. Here are my reflections on that conference.
Category: Culture

Stories Worth Sharing — June 20, 2015

Anti-aging measures for Disney Animation / 12 behind the scenes secrets of airports / Commencement speech as cultural commentary
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Beauty and Science

Science does not restrict but rather adds to beauty, wonder, and amazement.
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The Downfall of Shiloh in the Bible

At the start of 1 Samuel, Shiloh is the center of worship in Israel. But it quickly disappears from the biblical narrative. What contributed to the downfall of Shiloh in the Bible?
Category: Old Testament

George Whitefield on Preaching

George Whitefield, one of the greatest evangelists in church history, was a pioneer in open-air preaching. Here's a quote about his open-air preaching ministry.
Category: Ministry

The Overlapping Narratives of Judges and 1 Samuel

The biblical stories of Samson, Eli, and Samuel—found in the overlapping narratives of Judges and 1 Samuel—are part of a greater story: the conflict between Israel and the Philistines.
Category: Old Testament

Stories Worth Sharing — June 6, 2015

The chaotic dance of Pluto's moons / David McCullough on books and writing / 12 things you might not know about 'The Screwtape Letters' / 6 problems with the Evangelical church
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