Stories Worth Sharing — April 25, 2015

The largest warship in the 1800s never sailed the seas / Struggle to create the Internet of Mars / Did Paul see a meteor on the Damascus Road? / The Old Testament is all about the Aragorn parts
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Obstacles to Understanding the Old Testament

For Christian readers, the Old Testament can be a difficult beast to understand. Here are some of the top obstacles to understanding the Old Testament.
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Three Tools to Pray for the Global Church

As part of learning God’s greater story, we need to see how God is working outside our community and local church. We need to learn the stories of our brothers and sisters throughout the world, so we can better pray for the global church.
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Stories Worth Sharing — April 18, 2015

Millions in WWII silver recovered from shipwreck / Tale of a lost Rembrandt / Can we read and understand the Bible if we aren't experts? / Jesus or the Good Ol' Days?
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Battle Between the Two Seeds

The victory of Jesus—the seed of the woman—over the seed of the serpent was promised in Genesis, occurred on the cross, and will be consummated in the Day of the Lord.
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Importance of Learning Biblical Geography

Learning biblical geography makes the biblical stories come alive. Names of places became tangible places, with rocks, trees, and streams. The journeys people took can be traced with a pencil or your finger.
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Stories Worth Sharing — April 11, 2015

Inside America's toughest prison / Behind the redesign of the THX Deep Note / A periodic table of the elements the world is running out of / Lecrae songs play in Louisville strip club
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Biblical Theology of Death

Death is the great enemy of mankind, the one that is coming for us all. And the tentacles of that sinister enemy reach all the way back to the start of the Old Testament, and her story continues until the end of the New.
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Celebration of Salvation in the Jewish Calendar

Several of Israel's festivals—instituted in Leviticus 23—serve two purposes: they mark the start of the harvest, and they commemorate events of deliverance by God for his people.
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Acts (EP Study Commentary): A Review

The Acts commentary by Guy Waters is a valuable mid-level commentary, perfect for lesson prep and help with devotional studies. Its clarity and brevity are to be commended, making it the perfect introductory volume for studying the book of Acts.
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