How Marcion Shapes the Christian Story

Marcion rejected core tenants of the Christian faith, causing division in the early church. But the resulting debates and councils helped solidify and strengthen the beliefs of the universal church.
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The Day of Pentecost as Undoing the Tower of Babel

In the Day of Pentecost, God undoes the brokenness and judgment first experienced at the Tower of Babel.
Category: Old Testament

The Naming of 1 & 2 Samuel

Why are the biblical books of 1 & 2 Samuel named after a man who didn't write it and dies halfway through the first act? Here's one commentator's take on the naming of 1 & 2 Samuel.
Category: Old Testament

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Leithart on Reading and Applying Scripture

A challenge some have with reading Old Testament stories has to do with application: how does this apply to our everyday lives? Peter Leithart provides advice on how our world is to be shaped by the text.
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God Dwells in a Tent

Here's a quote from Vern Poythress on how the Tabernacle shows God's desire to dwell with Israel.
Category: Old Testament

Presence of God in the New Testament

In a previous post we looked at how God’s presence in the Old Testament was found in the tabernacle and temple. These locations were built for God to dwell among his people, as he did in the Garden of Eden. But this paradigm changes in the New Testament; God’s presence among his people is seen
Category: Storyline of the Bible

Tabernacle as Reflecting the Garden of Eden

When studying the tabernacle and temple in the Old Testament, it is hard to miss the allusions to the Garden of Eden. Perhaps this is because the Garden serves as a proto-temple in the Bible.
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Temple and the Presence of God

In the Old Testament, the Tabernacle/Temple was the location where mankind would meet with God. While these locations would be sacred, God had plenty of regulations in place in order to atone for and cover mankind’s sins. Still, these regulations limited the amount of interaction man could have with God.
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